Pretty little master's dresser on marble top
625 €

master's chest of drawers curved on 3 sides, natural wood marquetry and nets, bronze trim, marble top.

H11 L12 D6,7


Pretty little chest of drawers curved on three sides. It opens onto two drawers separated by a crossbar. Natural wood marquetry and nets, bronze fittings, covered with a beautiful red Languedoc marble.

Miniature, master's or companion furniture. The surprising dimensions of this miniature furniture fascinate and confuse… The diversity of shapes and scales, the multiplicity of materials used (wood, wax, earth, paper, leather, bronze, ceramic…), the variety of mechanisms prove the motivations in the creation of these pieces of furniture are numerous. We can cite : - Models or models: At the stage of creation, after having executed drawings, the craftsman makes a model on a reduced scale, giving at best the idea of ​​volume. At the marketing stage, some craftsmen and manufacturers placed models in their points of sale or sent them to their distant customers. Formerly, craftsmen carpenters worked for their clients, bringing their tools and models. - Masterpieces or companion masterpieces: Since the early Middle Ages, to pass master in the days of corporations, journeyman carpenters had to present a masterpiece, most of the time life-size, but sometimes a reduced model. It was especially in the 19th century that the rise of companionship promoted the search for quality in all trades, materialized by the execution of a masterpiece. The spirit of companionship, made up of selflessness, demands that masterpieces remain anonymous, which makes attribution difficult. Even today, the students of art schools, at the end of their studies, prove their talent by making a reduced piece of furniture. - Relaxations: For personal pleasure, the craftsmen executed, outside of their working time, or in retirement, a small-scale piece of furniture which summarizes all their knowledge and brings together all the technical difficulties specific to their profession. -Childhood furniture Source: The Museum of Miniature Furniture located in Vendeuvre, in the Orangery of the Château de Vendeuvre (Normandy, France), which brings together the world's first collection of miniature furniture.

Delivery in France, by specialized transporter, at the foot of the building and by appointment : 185 euros. Please consult us for European and World tariffs.

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